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Patch - 796  MEDEVAC SQN

Who are the PUKIN' DOGS?

796 MEDEVAC SQN [Medical Evacuation Operations] or (sometimes referred as 'Dust-Off') is the dedicated MEDEVAC Air Ambulance (EMS-Emergency Medical Services) operation based in Timmins, Ontario, CANADA.  This dedicated air ambulance is part of the Ontario Ministry of Long Term Health which serves the aero-medical transport of patients throughout the eastern half of the province of Ontario, Canada.

The 796 MEDEVAC SQN mandate is to transport patients requiring critical care including the cachement area from Peawunuck on the south coast of  Hudson Bay and the western coast of James Bay to the points south of Windsor, Ontario and eastward to the nation's capital, Ottawa (see map below).  Remote communities in the north which are served by nursing stations are a significant focus of our operation since 796 MEDEVAC is the only critical care medical transport operation accessible to these inhabitants.

796 MEDEVAC SQUADRON operates two Beechcraft B200 Super King Air aircraft which are equipped with state-of-the-art airborne medical and navigation equipment and manned with two highly trained, experienced pilots and two critical care paramedics.  Pilots selected for this operation are highly trained and possess practical northern experience in severe weather conditions.  Northern weather can be extreme and not necessarily reported except for limited local meteorological reporting.  Forecasted weather conditions do not necessarily reflect the actual meteo conditions.  There are few weather reporting stations available in the north  and during the winter months, airborne icing and runway landing conditions remain safety factors.  During  the summer, thunderstorm activity is omni-present.

Pilot selection is based on the knowledge and experience of northern flying.  A significant number of medical calls occur during the winter season where taking-off and landing from gravel, ice, snow and slush covered runways with heavy loads are common.

Our training, standard operating procedures and work safety environments are second to none.  Our flying decisions reflect that.


Geographic Area Served by 796 MEDEVAC Pukin' Dogs

Northwestern/Northern/North Eastern Ontario

North Eastern/Southern Ontario



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Kirkland Lake, Ontario (CYKX)

Peawanuck, Ontario (CYPO)

Toronto City Center (Toronto Island), Ontario (CYTZ)

Moosonee, Ontario (CYMO) - 27 Apr 2008 - Fort Albany/Kashechewan Evacuation

C130 Hercules Tail # 324   Commander:  Captain Shane McGill

Badge - 796 MEDEVAC SQN


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